Tuesday, 23 July 2013

31 day snap - a photo a day every day this month!

Hey there!
Basically this post is going to be a "chatty" post, about several different things aha.

Firstly: I am really sorry about not doing my outfit of the day post yesterday! I got no pictures because my phone wasn't working correctly, Thorpe park was absolutely packed, the one and only ride I got on was "the swarm", when we got to queueing, it said the queue would take one hour, after two and a half hours we got on, the ride was only thirty seconds long! admittedly it was a good ride, but not worth two and a half hours wait ( sorry Thorpe Park ).

this post is going to be about:

Today being the only day us girls could get together this week was today so we had a barbeque!

This was the barbeque just after we lit it!

We had one tray for meat and one tray for the vegetarian food, this seemed the best option to keep the food separate   we then had some fun on the trampoline!

This is great fun to have with your friends during the summer months when the weather is nice, it started raining just after we went inside :( make sure you are responsible with the fire and the cooking!

Thank you guys so much for reading!


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