Monday, 26 May 2014

Disney inspired etsy lust list!

Hey there guys!

So today I am joining you with a Disney inspired Etsy Lust List!

So if you have been hanging around in this little space on the internet for a while then you will know two things:
1. I have previously done Etsy Lust List posts (if you're new then you should really check them out!)
2. I am a disney freak.

It only seemed fitting to combine the two and this is what I came up with!

There are actually so many areas in my life where you can find Disney and here are a few examples:

1. In my room

2. In my school bag

3. On my keys.

So I have rambled for a long time now, lets get started!

Firstly, I found this peter pan "second star to the right" pendant from the shop Rosiespendants!

These pendants retail for £8.68

And that my friends is a steal! I'll tell you why:
you have so many customisable options! you can choose between an antique bronze and a bright silver finish, you can also choose whether you want this stunning pendant on a necklace or a key ring!

This product is handmade and made to order 

(Ships worldwide from the USA)
You can find this beautiful pendant here

Next, I found my favourite Disney characters encompassed in earrings! 
These are the adorable Disney Chip n Dale earrings by the Etsy shop funjewelryshop

Again these are handmade and made to order.

These retail for £4.57

which is a really good price as the earrings are silver plated

(Ships worldwide from the USA)
You can find these amazingly cute earrings here

Thirdly in the shop HandmadeHempHeaven, I found this super cute bracelet with a stitch embellishment

This product is made with cyan hemp string, resin beads and a pendant.

This bracelet retails for £9.13

It is handmade, with an adjustable strap, so one size fits most!

(ships worldwide from the USA)
Find it here

Alternatively for all you stitch lovers, I found this pendant necklace:

This is so cute! This is from the etsy shop AutodidactCreations

Once again this product can also be either a necklace or a key ring!

This retails for £6.06, is handmade and made to order and for a limited time only the shop actually has a promotion going on!

If you but two items or more then you will receive a 15% discount when you enter the promo code "MULTIBUY" at the checkout!

(Ships worldwide from the USA)
Find it here

If you are like me then one of your favourite characters in bambi is thumper, then this one is for you!

It is this Thumper Rabbit Ring by the shop PersonalizedbyBonnie

This retails for £7.31

Is handmade and made to order!

(Ships worldwide from the USA)

You can find this beautiful ring here

Next product I have been loving is this  Marie (from the aristocats) charm bracelet:

This retails for £13.99

It is a total steal! (once again) I absolutely love Marie as a character and this bracelet just encompasses my love for her!

It is handmade and made to order!

and for all of you lovely lot with children or little people you hold to your heart, they also do a children's version of this bracelet! Check out the shop MadeBySundae to find this.

(Ships worldwide from the UK)
You can find this here

So these next two products go hand in hand and are both minnie mouse inspired!

Firstly we have the minnie mouse ears ring which retails for £3.66

And get this! you can customise the bow, there are multiple size options and is handmade and made to order!

You can find this here

The next product is the minnie mouse bow stud earrings

And the reason I think that these two products go hand in hand is because you can customised to match the bow on the ring!

These retail for £2.44

These are handmade and made to order from the shop MonsterBakery
(Ships worldwide from the USA)
You can find these unique earrings here

So I know that the new Disney film frozen is taking the world by storm, and I can understand exactly why! I am in love with Sphen the reindeer! so what would an etsy lust list be without an appearance of frozen!

I love this necklace by the shop foreverlovingfandoms because it is subtly disney!

It is handmade and made to order
(Ships worldwide from the UK)

Find it here

Sticking to the theme of subtle Disney, this last products is exactly that!

This is the little mermaid inspired spiral aluminium ring

This retails for £6.70

There are three main things that I'd like to mention:
1. There are various size options
2. There are various stamp design for the inside
3. The shop (LindaMunequita) offers so many other designs that I love!

It is handmade and made to order!
(Ships worldwide from Canada)
Find this product here

So that's it (for now!)!

These are my top ten Disney loves on Etsy of late!

Please do check out some of these products if you like them! And please follow my blog if you enjoyed it!

Speak soon guys!

Nixi xx

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Prom makeup tutorial

Hey there guys!

So I've done it, I've gotten through the first week of exams! It almost killed me but I did it! What about you guys? What exams have you done or if you haven't done any what have you been up to? So today I thought I would show you a really pretty prom make up look and I think it would match most dresses!

Here I am bare faced, and today I am going to start with the eyes:

So here I am using tape, this will give a defined edge to the eyeshadow

So first I am taking this mid tone brown as a transition colour on a blending brush through the outer quater of my eye

I am then using this mid tone brown from the MUA undressed palette to deepen this up 

I am now taking this pigment from illamasqua on a tiny Bobbi Brown brush and applying this to my inner corner

I am now using the silver Barry M fine glitter dust to give more sparkle to the look

I am now taking the pink loose powder eyeshadow by bourjois

and I am applying this to the rest of my eyelid

I am now taking more of the barry M daxxle dust on the same brush to add more sparkle to the inner corners.

I am now taking a slightly tapered eyeshadow brush to apply a dark brown to my crease

This is what it should look like when you remove the tape:

I then applied liquid liner (which I fixed later)

I am now applying my concealer and blending with the real techniques buffing brush:

I am now taking my revlon colour stay foundation in the colour ivory and buffing this in with the same brush

Then set this with your favourite powder so you don't look shiny in photo's and your makeup stays put all night!

I am now contouring with my rimmel natural bronzer in the colour 025 

I am now taking banefit's posie tint and blending it in with my fingers

And then I am applying my sleek blush in rose gold

now I'm applying the rimmel transparent lip liner, you can use any liner you choose

I then applied avon's carnation lip stick

I then applied the avon mega effects mascara

And this is the finished look!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you recreate this look then tweet me a picture!

Speak soon guys!

Nixi xx

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