Monday, 16 June 2014

Travel Beauty!

Hey there guys!
Today I am joining you with a travel beauty top tips kind of post, I am also showing you what I will be taking on my travels!

First off we are going to be looking at skincare:

I have packed all of my skincare items (minus the ultimelt cleanser) in a clear make up bag, this one came with the benefit bright skincare collection.

The first product I am taking and my first tip: Use two in one products, and as you will see later that applies to all aspects of travel beauty. The Ultimelt is a hot cloth cleanser, but it also doubles up as a face mask, making it more efficient to pack this rather than a cleanser and a mask.

In case my skin feels slightly sensitive then I have packed the balance me pure skin face wash as it does a good job at cleaning my skin but it is also not to rough if it is feeling sensitive.

Now, wipes are a controversial product amongst the beauty community, personally I think that they should only be used to freshen up, not remove your makeup as it can dry your skin out a little. I pack these in case I get too hot and need to clear excess grease off of my face during the day while I'm on the go.

Next we have moisturisers, I have three packed and they are all travel sized. my next tip is to take a light moisturiser and a deep moisturiser, this is so that you are prepared for if your skin type changes while you're away from home. Pictured is the REN evercalm day cream, this is the lighter of the two, Benefit's total moisture and it's potent eye cream.

Lips. I suggest taking a lip scrub and a lip balm if like me you suffer with dry lips. Mine are the lush mint juups lip scrub and the soap and glory great kisser lip balm.

Tip 3: Carry make up brushes in brush rolls/cases this keeps them clean and safe while you are travelling.

We are now moving on to make up. My make up bag is from primark.

I love this make up bag for travelling as it has many pockets to keep things organised!

In the clear pocket in the top of the bag I keep liners and mascaras, if you couldn't tell already I go crazy for travel sized items when I'm travelling! I like to have a few options for liner so I packed  black and blue khol pencils and a black liquid liner.

In the first net pocket at the back of the bag I keep foundations. Personally I like to take two foundations with me when I travel, one which is a lighter coverage for day time and one which is a heavier coverage for evenings. Pictured is the number seven stay perfect foundation and the revlon colourstay foundation.

In the next pocket across I keep primers.

In the last pocket I keep cheek colour (blushers and bronzers) benefit's posie tint is a great two in one product as it can be used for cheeks and lips.

I keep all eyeshadows in the main compartment of the bag. Tip 4: pack one really versatile eyeshadow palette, when you're travelling it's always easier to stay organised if things are less messy, so I find taking one palette is easier than taking many single shadows. The naked 3 palette is great for me as it has lighter colours and darker colours to achieve day time and night time looks. I also took the maybelline colour tattoo for those lazy days and an eye primer which is Greed by urban decay.

I also packed my brow kit, this one is from Avon and is again a two in one product as it has a wax and a powder.

Next I packed my everyday powder and concealer.

For lips I like to be able to change my looks, so I pack various shades and finishes.

Thank you guys for reading, speak soon!


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Eye Candy number 016 lashes review!

Hi Guys!
Today, I am joining you with a review of the eye candy number 016 lashes.

As you can see they are very voluminous and long, I think they are a 50's style set of lashes which is what originally attracted me to them! 

They are very good quality and very light.


As you can see I have already applied my make up, notice that I have done my liner already too.

Remove the lashes from the tray carefully with tweezers, I am then holding them in the middle (my tweezers are the "precision tweezers" from boots.)

Now apply the glue, this comes with the pack allow the glue to dry slightly so it's slightly tacky. next place as close to your natural lash line as possible in the middle with your tweezers. now for the next part it depends on which method you prefer: either use your fingers to pull the lashes in place or the tweezers. You want to make sure that you pull it into the inner and outer corners of your eye. Then apply a small amount of mascara to your natural lashes to make them blend in more.

Here is how mine turned out!

As you can see here my liner has become slightly jagged and the seam of the lashes is very obvious, so I am going to go back in with my liner to even this out. 

Here is the finished result!

So as I am writing this I have been wearing these lashes foraround 8 hours and they feel as comfortable as they did when I first applied them!

Overall I think that these are great lashes, I will be re purchasing them, and this time for prom!

These are now my go-to lashes!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know any of your experiences with these lashes!

speak soon Guys!