Monday, 27 April 2015

GOSH Palette Review+Swatches

Hey there guys! 
Today's post is going to be a review and swatches of the gosh "to enjoy in New York" palette.

Firstly this palette consists of nine, super buttery and super pigmented colours. 

The top three colours are a bright white, a champagne and pink shimmer:

The next three shades are varying shades of purple, a medium, a dark and a pink toned purple. I have enjoyed using these colours in the crease of my eye, and you will see these colours used in an upcoming tutorial:

And the bottom three colours are all neutral. Including a golden brown, a silver toned grey and a mid toned brown:

The majority of the shades are matte with a very slight shimmer.
The palette is very versatile and can be used to create many different looks, so I recommend this to anyone who travels a lot, or just loves makeup!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading,


Monday, 20 April 2015

Etsy Lust List: Earrings

Hey there guys! 

So this is the return of the much loved Etsy Lust List post! All of the products mentioned today are earrings, since I am going through a phase where I am wearing a lot of earrings! I have three piercings currently, which are my two lobes and one cartilage, I am considering getting a second cartilage piercing though.

The first product I am lusting over is this cartilage hoop with a tiny gemstone on it.

This is from the shop: "sofisjewelryshop"
You can choose the colour of the gemstone and the material, personally  I like the light pink made of sterling silver which costs £6.26.
These hoops are handmade and made to order, shipped worldwide from Israel.

You can purchase this here

Next we have this Statement piece which is the dangling star, double pierce earring

This is from the shop: oflovelythings
You can choose the material of the posts for the earrings from either stainless steel or sterling silver, determining the price. I would personally opt for sterling silver which is £16.72 due to how my piercing reacts to stainless steel.
These are made to order and shipped world wide from the USA.

You can buy this here

Now moving in to regular earrings...

We first have these super adorable fox face earrings by the shop: TheCraftyCowShed

When I came across this shop I fell in love with all of the products! They are all super adorable!
The faces are made of wood and the posts are made of sterling silver.
These cost £8 and are handmade, they are shipped from the UK.

You can buy these here

Next we have an adorable pair of "love" earrings by the shop: NovelCharms

These are handmade and I love the concept of upcycled jewellery as they are made of pages from books!
You can chose between an antiqued silver or gold finish, they will cost you £8, and these are shipped worldwide from the UK.

You can buy these here

Finally we have the rainbow moonstone earrings by the shop: deezignstudio

These are handmade and made of sterling silver costing £10, or you can opt to have them gold filled for £12.
They are shipped worldwide from the UK.

You can buy these here

So that is what I have been lusting over on etsy recently! Let me know what you have been lusting over too!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 13 April 2015

New York Makeup haul!

Hey guys!
This is going to be my New York Makeup haul!

I went to New York earlier this year on a "Educational visit" which was really just a week off school. But we did get some free time, so I took advantage of that and dragged my unwilling friend and boyfriend round Macy's and Sephora. 

We were in New York for five days and had organised visits to different museums and tourist attractions, so we didn't get a massive amount of shopping time, but I did pick up a few things while I was there.

On the second day of the trip I went to Macy's and that was the biggest amount of makeup in one place I had ever seen! Here is what I got:

Firstly I got the mac pro longwear paintpot in the shade rubenesque.

As you can see this is a shimmery gold/rose gold colour with a lovely sheen to it, I have loved pairing this with the next product:

This is the mac pure pigment in the colour melon, which is very similar to the paint pot in colour. I like using this on top to intensify the look.

I also bought the naked basics palette by urban decay

On the next day I went to sephora and bought a few things:

Firstly I bought the travel sized original urban decay primer potion.

And then I bought this very cool brush set.

I have been loving the two brushes on the right for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner.

I also made a very sneaky purchase in Bloomingdales:

This is the mac lipstick in the shade snob, it is lighter in colour than the camera picks up and has more of a blue tome to it.

Then on the last night before we left I went to sephora again and purchased the Kat Von D tattoo foundation in the shade 42.

And that is all the makeup that I bought while I was in New York! I will be using these products in upcoming tutorials, so look out for those!

Thank you guys for reading,


Thursday, 9 April 2015


Hey there guys! 

I haven't posted in almost a year now, and I am really sorry about that! I stopped blogging last year for a few different reasons, but I have found that I have been missing it so I am returning! I am hoping that now it will be a more permanent thing!

So, I am hoping to start posting once a week at least on a Monday evening. I am going to be posting reviews, tutorials, hauls, hopefully some awesome collaborations and anything you would like to see, so leave requests in the comment section or tweet me! There will also be the return of the Etsy lust lists!

I have also re joined twitter, so come and say hey! @Missnixitrixi

I have some awesome posts in the pipeline and I hope that you will come along to read them! Please show your support through following my blog and social media!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!