Monday, 21 September 2015

Drugstore Hits!

Hey Guys!

Today's post is going to be a collection of things from the drugstore/highstreet which are amazing quality for a low price, and could possibly rival high end equivalents. 

1. Loreal True match foundation

Firstly the shade range of this line is incredible, you have the option to pick an undertone (W=Yellow N=Neutral and C=Pink) Which many drugstore foundations don't offer, personally I find that most drugstore foundations for pale skin tones are pink toned which don't suit my skin very well, but the shade W1 matches me incredibly well! Also this foundation can be built up to a full coverage without looking cakey!

2. Loreal Lumi Magique highlighter pen

This product is extremely brightening but doesn't give a huge amount of coverage so personally I use this over a concealer for some extra brightness under my eyes and on the high points of my face. This is said to be very similar to the YSL touche eclait without the hefty price tag! 

3. Loreal Brow Artist Plumper

This product is simply amazing! It can be used alone for fuller darker brows, or over a powder or pencil for extra definition. This product enhances the appearance of brows giving them a thicker more full appearance. It also tames the most unruly brows and sets them in place for the whole day!

4.Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

This product is supposed to be extremely similar to the nars orgasm blush, in colour and quality. This product is very pigmented and is very long lasting! This range of blushes are extremely affordable at less than £5 and are great quality for the price! These are very easy to blend, and easy to apply. I will definitely buy more of these blushes!

5. Collection Shimmering Glow

This product has been repackaged since I bought mine but it is the same formulation as far as I know. This product is great for us pale skinned people, as it isn't overly dark but still gives a healthy sun kissed glow. This is definitely not a product you want to contour in as it does contain shimmer, I generally sweep this over the high points of my face for a gentle bronze glow.

6. Maxfacor Flipstick in Bloomy Pink

This product is extremely versatile each colour can be used alone, or together to create an ombre effect, this is great value as it is a two in one product and the bullets are a great size for precise application on the lips. The product has a very good stay time on the lips, there is also other colours in the range which look just as lovely.

Thanks for reading, speak soon!


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mac Starter Kit!

Hey Guys!

Today's post is a guide to the best Mac products to start your collection! When you start delving into the high end make up world, everything can be a little overwhelming, what is really worth the money? In this post I will reveal the five products I think are essentials to my Mac collection I wish I had bought sooner!

1. Fix+

This product is a holy grail for me! I use this every time I do my make up, this reduces cakeiness and gives a healthy dewy appearance to the skin. I wish I had bought the big bottle originally, but I bought the small one so I could try it out and that was a big mistake!

2. Soft Ochre paint pot 

The first paint pot I bought was Rubenesque and I don't use it very often, but I use Soft Ochre everyday so it's more of a staple in my collection personally. An alternative to this would be Painterly which has a more pink toned base. I think that Soft Ochre is a staple because you can apply it when you are using any colour eyeshadow to make them more vibrant or on its own for a more natural look for example if your school has a no make up rule like mine did.

3. Lightscapade MSF

This is my only Mac Mineralise Skin Finish and first high end highlighter and I think that this is a good product for your starter kit because it adds quite a lot to a make up look giving the face a more sculpted appearance without the need for contouring. This colour is very flattering for paler skin tones, but if you have a deeper skin tone I would suggest exploring the shade range of MSF's.

4. Concealer

The pro longwear concealer is my concealer of choice, but I would suggest some of the other concealers in the range more since the pump on this concealer is quite difficult to control leaving you with a lot of excess product and making it run out quite quickly. I think a high end concealer is better to invest in before a high end foundation because it is more versatile as to how you can use it; you can use it to highlight or cover blemishes.

5. Velvet Teddy Lipstick

This lipstick is so flattering on many skin tones and I think it is a perfect every day colour to put on. Also with this colour you don't require a lip liner making it a perfect addition to your collection if you are just starting out with Mac products.

This post is in no way telling you that you need to buy these products, these are just the products I would suggest if you were thinking about buying some mac items.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette tutorial!

Hey guys!

Today's look is going to be using the Too faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette, this palette includes 16 cocoa infused eyeshadows, ranging in colour and finish, however they're mostly neutral.

Firstly I am priming my eyes with Mac Soft Ochre paint pot, and applying the shade Coconut Creme (White shade) from browbone to lash line to make all colours blend nicely and highlight the brow bone.

I am then applying tape to the outer corners and using a 217 blending brush to apply the colour Peanut Butter to my outer V and crease, focussing on the seam of the tape. I am doing this in a few layers to build intensity:

Next I am using a large fluffy brush to blend everything until it is seamless:

Then I am taking a pencil brush with the colours Mousse and Truffled I am using this to define and deepen my crease

And Then blending again. 

 Using the same pencil brush I am taking the colour cocoa chili and placing it along the edge of the tape from half way up downwards towards the lash line:

Now I am taking the same colour around my brow bone and into my crease creating more definition 

Next I am taking the colour Butter Pecan on a clean fluffy brush and buffing this over the mobile eyelid:

Here I am going in with more of the Peanut Butter shade to warm up my crease area:

This is how everything looks without the tape:

I then gave everything one final blend:

This is optional but I then applied to Tanya Burr Date Night False Lashes:

This is the finished look once I did my foundation and lipstick etc.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, 10 September 2015

How to: Get ready quickly

Hey Guys!

Today's post is going to be my top tips for doing your make up quickly! We have all been in the position of needing to be somewhere early or getting up late for school so this post will give you some tips to get your make up done quickly!

1. Use cream eyeshadows

Pictured are two mac paint pots, but the maybelline colour tattoo's are just as amazing! Using cream eyeshadows is quicker because they don't require so much effort to look good, they can be applied with fingers so you don't need to find a brush to use and they don't require a massive amount of blending but give a nice wash of colour over the lids.

2. Use a lipstick that doesn't require a lip liner

Using as few products as possible is key to doing your make up quickly, and lip liner always seems to take a long time for me personally. Using a lipstick that doesn't require a lip liner takes out an extra step from your make up routine meaning it will be quicker to get everything done.

3. Don't attempt winged liner

There is too much that can go wrong! When you are in a rush, it is sod's law that your liner will go wrong meaning you have to spend more time fixing it than doing all of your other make up. I also find that personally I spend a really long time making sure my eye liner is perfect that it wouldn't be time effective to try and achieve the perfect winged eye liner so it's better to just skip the step.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your tips for getting ready quickly!


Monday, 7 September 2015

Review of the Absolute Matte Lipsticks!

Hi guys!

Today's post is a review of the Absolute Matte Stick Lipsticks, I own two shades out of six: Burgundy and Cerise Pink, these are available from Beauty Crowd.

The packaging is sleek, I love the fact that it is matte with a hint of gloss, it looks extremely expensive for it's low price tag of £3.95.

As you can see the colours are extremely pigmented! The colour pay off is amazing, and this is true for the colour on the lips too, not just in swatches.

Of the two Burgundy is my favourite shade, and I have yet to wear Cerise Pink for a long period of time as it is a little bright! However I know that Burgundy has an insanely long wear time, and during that time it feels comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry them out at all. I would suggest prepping the lips with a scrub and lip balm to get the smoothest application.

Overall these lipsticks are lovely products, the only problem I have found is that while they are still setting to their matte finish they smudge very easily, but that is easily remedied by not touching around the mouth area.

Thank you for reading!


Saturday, 5 September 2015

Spanish make up Haul

Hey guys!

Today's post is going to be a make up haul, I went to Spain with my family recently and we stayed in Salou, close by was a place called Tarragona which had an amazing department store with lot's of different brands of make up!

Firstly in duty free I bought the 'do the hoola' set:

This includes: (Mini's)
Dew the hoola (Liquid bronzer)
Hoola bronzing powder
They're real mascara
Hoola Lipgloss

I was extremely excited because in the department store they had a Sephora stand! Firstly I bought the Too Faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette:

And secondly from Sephora I bought the Makeup Forever HD Powder:

There was also a Mac counter, Firstly from here I bought the Pro longwear concealer in the shade NC15:

Secondly I bought the Velvet Teddy Lipstick, I was so excited to try this because I have heard so many good things, and I love it!

Thirdly I bought the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre:

There was also a brand called Etnia, this is a Spanish brand made and sold in Spain, they were an extremely affordable brand, I bought two of their eyeshadows in the shades 20 and 23:

So this is everything I bought in terms of makeup while I was in spain, I would also like to say thank you for everyone who continued reading while I was away! I hope you enjoyed this post, speak soon!