Monday, 20 July 2015

Affordable beauty storage

Hi guys,

So today we are going to talk about make up storage, specifically storage which doesn't cost a lot but looks really effective.

So this is my current set up, I keep some of my beauty products on this shelf above my desk
the main piece of affordable storage I use is this clear acrylic holder:

This cost £5 from home bargains.
Even though it had a really low price tag, this is such high quality however, I have run out of space in it, so I have to use other storage too, for example:

This grey plastic tray.
 This holds all of my lip products and is easy to navigate.

Next, a little tip:

Use a disposable plastic shot glass to hold hair clips/bobby pins.

and finally, for any larger products:

A drawer works fine!

So that's all for today, I hope this helps you out with some storage ideas!

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Nicola xx

Monday, 13 July 2015

Once Upon A Time Etsy Lust List

Hey there!

So back by popular demand is the etsy lust list post!

One of the most popular etsy lust lists I did was a disney inspired one, so today I thought I would do a Once Upon A Time (OUAT) inspired Etsy Lust List. For those of you who don't know what OUAT is, it is a TV show based on all the original fairytales and what would happen if they went wrong, and all the happy endings were taken away. I love this show, and would recommend it to anyone! (All four seasons are on netflix)

So that being said, on with the lust list! 

1. This notebook based on the story book from the show:

Once upon a time Book // Notebook // Henry's Storybook // OUAT

This is available here from the shop WonderLandForYou

It is handmade and available in different amounts of pages from 50-80 office pages. This varies in price from £3.64-£4.63. This item is shipped worldwide from Russia.

2. Next are these adorable cushion covers:

Once Upon a Time rumpelstiltskin Magic always comes at a price deary - Cushion / Pillow Cover /typographic pillow typographic Panel / FabricOnce Upon a Time story Book - Cushion / Pillow Cover /typographic pillow typographic Panel / Fabric

It is available here and here from the shop: ThisShopReallyRocks

This item costs £15 as a cushion cover but is available in different sizes with different prices. It is shipped worldwide from the UK.

3. This Captain Hook sticker:

captain hook- once upon a time- 6" decal- once upon a time sticker- once upon a time decal- captain hook decal- captain hook sticker-

Isn't he just dreamy? Lol

This is a 6" decal for technology and such, personally I would use this on my Ipad, but you can apply it to walls, windows, computers, Ipads, Skateboards or any other clean smooth surface.This is available here from the shop: LynarGraphics

Finally this amazing clock:

Once upon a time vinyl clock wall art shirt creations captain swan mug decoration room decor beauty beast happily ever after magic comes

This is available here from the shop: VinylEvolution

This item is made out of a vinyl record and a quartz mechanism. this is sold for £23.82 and is shipped worldwide from Ukraine.

So this is the next etsy lust list in the series! I hope you enjoyed it! Speak soon!


Nicola xx

Thursday, 9 July 2015

How to: fill in eyebrows!

Hi there!

So todays post is going to be an eybrow tutorial, it is quite a full on look so I know it won't be for everyone, but I personally like a full on brow. First things first, I get my eyebrows waxed by the lovely Nicola over at and she is phenomenal, she did my make up for prom and I can't recommend her enough. A good wax and shape is the basis of a good filled in look! These products will work for people with dark brows, however you could substitute in the same products in different shades to achieve a similar look.

So as you can see my eyebrows are naturally pretty sparse:

The first product I am going to use is the maybelline master shape eyebrow pencil. It is important to sharpen your eyebrow pencil before you start other wise you end up blocking your brows with colour rather than creating texture with the fine tip of a sharp pencil.

Firstly I draw a line following the natural shape of my brows on the top and bottom, joining at the tail of the brow.

I then fill in the rest of my eyebrows with the same pencil before softening it and blending it out with the spoolie on the end of my eyebrow pencil as seen here:

I then take this brow powder by avon on an angled brush by eco tools to set the first product, and again soften it with the spoolie brush.

The next product I use is the Loreal brow artist plumper to set all the products in place and ensure that it lasts all day.

Now I am going to carve out my brows:
This is an extra step to achieve more definition.

These are the products I use personally, but other concealers work too, cream concealers work particularly well for this technique if you want extreme definition. I use a liquid concealer for a more subtle effect.

Here I line around the outside of my brows using a flat concealer brush and my seventeen stay time concealer.

And blend it in.

For my brow bone highlight I use the naked basics palette; the colours Venus, Foxy and W.O.S. The brush I use is on the other end of the Eco tools brush, or a flat brush from Sephora. (you will have seen this brush in my New York Makeup haul)

I mix foxy and W.O.S under the length of my brow and then use venus underneath the arch.

Here is the difference between my brows when they're done and not.

And here is the finished product.

So this is how I fill in my eyebrows on a daily basis, but you can also do these steps on their own for a more subtle look, you can use any of these products on their own or in conjunction like I have in this tutorial.

Also again, I can't recommend Nicola from enough, take a look at her website and if you can pop in and have a treatment or two!

Thank you for reading and speak soon!

Nicola xx

Monday, 6 July 2015

Life Update

Hi there!

Today's post as it is titled, is going to be a Life Update.

So as a blogger with my little community of you guys who read, I feel like I don't really share much with you about my life outside of the beauty and fashion world. This is mainly because most of you probably don't care, but some of you might so I am writing this post. I also want to get to know all of you who are reading, so feel free to get in contact with me if you want to!

Anyways, since my last post these things have happened:

1. I got braces...

2. I have taken AS level exams, and hopefully succeeded! I have then had to start my year 13 lessons for next September, now!?

 3.I have been under the hospital for a few little things, so tests for that have also been taking up my time :/

4. I went to the Bedfordshire University convention, I can do a post about it and choosing Uni's if you would like to see it? But it was a good day with friends if nothing else!

5. My sister decided to entrust me with her puppies while she went away for a weekend, this ensued:

this is Teddy

and this is Ralph

They are Samoyed cross Collies.


I have been working on some fun new content for you guys! But, it's not able to be published yet hence why you haven't seen it yet!

Speak soon guys! Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx