Monday, 13 July 2015

Once Upon A Time Etsy Lust List

Hey there!

So back by popular demand is the etsy lust list post!

One of the most popular etsy lust lists I did was a disney inspired one, so today I thought I would do a Once Upon A Time (OUAT) inspired Etsy Lust List. For those of you who don't know what OUAT is, it is a TV show based on all the original fairytales and what would happen if they went wrong, and all the happy endings were taken away. I love this show, and would recommend it to anyone! (All four seasons are on netflix)

So that being said, on with the lust list! 

1. This notebook based on the story book from the show:

Once upon a time Book // Notebook // Henry's Storybook // OUAT

This is available here from the shop WonderLandForYou

It is handmade and available in different amounts of pages from 50-80 office pages. This varies in price from £3.64-£4.63. This item is shipped worldwide from Russia.

2. Next are these adorable cushion covers:

Once Upon a Time rumpelstiltskin Magic always comes at a price deary - Cushion / Pillow Cover /typographic pillow typographic Panel / FabricOnce Upon a Time story Book - Cushion / Pillow Cover /typographic pillow typographic Panel / Fabric

It is available here and here from the shop: ThisShopReallyRocks

This item costs £15 as a cushion cover but is available in different sizes with different prices. It is shipped worldwide from the UK.

3. This Captain Hook sticker:

captain hook- once upon a time- 6" decal- once upon a time sticker- once upon a time decal- captain hook decal- captain hook sticker-

Isn't he just dreamy? Lol

This is a 6" decal for technology and such, personally I would use this on my Ipad, but you can apply it to walls, windows, computers, Ipads, Skateboards or any other clean smooth surface.This is available here from the shop: LynarGraphics

Finally this amazing clock:

Once upon a time vinyl clock wall art shirt creations captain swan mug decoration room decor beauty beast happily ever after magic comes

This is available here from the shop: VinylEvolution

This item is made out of a vinyl record and a quartz mechanism. this is sold for £23.82 and is shipped worldwide from Ukraine.

So this is the next etsy lust list in the series! I hope you enjoyed it! Speak soon!


Nicola xx

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