Monday, 6 July 2015

Life Update

Hi there!

Today's post as it is titled, is going to be a Life Update.

So as a blogger with my little community of you guys who read, I feel like I don't really share much with you about my life outside of the beauty and fashion world. This is mainly because most of you probably don't care, but some of you might so I am writing this post. I also want to get to know all of you who are reading, so feel free to get in contact with me if you want to!

Anyways, since my last post these things have happened:

1. I got braces...

2. I have taken AS level exams, and hopefully succeeded! I have then had to start my year 13 lessons for next September, now!?

 3.I have been under the hospital for a few little things, so tests for that have also been taking up my time :/

4. I went to the Bedfordshire University convention, I can do a post about it and choosing Uni's if you would like to see it? But it was a good day with friends if nothing else!

5. My sister decided to entrust me with her puppies while she went away for a weekend, this ensued:

this is Teddy

and this is Ralph

They are Samoyed cross Collies.


I have been working on some fun new content for you guys! But, it's not able to be published yet hence why you haven't seen it yet!

Speak soon guys! Thanks for reading,

Nicola xx

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