About me

Hey there!

My name is Nicola, I am a beauty blogger, sister, auntie and friend. I started blogging mainly because I am makeup and beauty mad, but also because I saw lots of different blogs which inspired me to start voicing my opinions on different products and such. 

I have a talent for finding things to do with beauty in the most unlikely places.

I really enjoy reading what people have to say about different things, the majority of time beauty related! So if you have a blog or youtube channel then feel free to link them below!
I am currently studying for A-levels in; English lit/lang, Psychology and History. 

I love hearing from you guys so don't be afraid to comment or reach me any other way, all contact details are in the contact details page!

Speak soon!


  1. Hi Nixi.
    I love your blog! I saw your guest post about the microwave pudding, and decided to find your blog. X


  2. Thank you that's lovely! I love your blog too, the name is so creative, and your posts are so in depth!