Monday, 28 October 2013

Collective haul

Hey there!

Today is a fairly different kind of post, unless you hadn't guessed from the title it is a collective haul. I f you like this kind of thing then let me know! on we go!

Firstly here we have my snood or infinity scarf, I got this for £8 at asda.
next is the neals yard remedies power berries daily moisturiser I have written a post about this before so if you want some more information then read that (this is a re purchase!)
The toni and guy cleanse dry shampoo
the VO5 hot oil treatment and my sinful colours nail polish in the color winterberry 

I ordered this back combing brush on Ebay and delivery was fast and the price was good, I am a happy bunny!

This is the lo'real super liner perfect slim in intense black, on first impressions this is great but I have been told that it doesn't last long

This is the Borjois contour clubbing water proof liner in number 45 blue remix the colour pay off is amazing and it lasted all day, overall HAPPY!!

This is the remington MPT 3000 trimmer, this is used to remove unwanted facial hair, £7 from asda

I gave in! I am constantly hearing great things about the Maybelline the falsies mascara so I finally gave in and bought it to try.

This is the Barry M natural glow palette.

These are all beautiful colours, 3 shimmers and 3 mattes, I don't really like the blush though, I am just not a fan of the colour.

The bristows heat protectant, not much to say about this really, it is just a heat protectant...

The No 7 stay perfect foundation, I got matched up with this in store and my colour is calico, I really love this foundation, I reach for this every day, it just leaves such a flawless finish!

The No 7 translucent powder, I use this in conjunction with the foundation, it is a dream to use!

This was a bit of an impulse purchase £12 in Fat face oops! in fairness it is silver plated...

Picked these up in new look, thought they were a bit different, I will hopefully wear the soon, a little bit scared to, not going to lie...

My poor abused babyliss straighteners gave up the ghost :( I had those straighteners for atleast three years and it sadens me deeply to have to part with them. but they have been replaced, I bought the vidal sasson hydra gloss straighteners in stead, £19.96 form asda? Bargain!!

I picked this up for sleep overs and weekends away, I have already used this and it is actually really spacious! This was £5 off a market while I was on my travels this summer!

Finally, I ordered a set of extensions from hair extensions dreams, I will be reviewing these soon.

So that is it!

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know some new products you have bought lately!


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