Sunday, 27 October 2013

Autumn/ Fall, Half term and plans!

Hey there!

Today is Sunday, and I have decided this is the day that I write and set all my posts to go up through this week (dependent on the content) so this week is looking to be something a little bit different, so keep your eyes peeled!

So for many of us in the UK it is that time again for October half term! The joy! So for all you people on half term keep me posted on what you are doing this week! tweet me pictures of what you are doing! or leave me comments! I love hearing what you guys are up to!

Thursday is the 31st of October, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween!! As a kid I can remember getting so excited about Halloween and what costume I was going to wear as a costume and all sorts! There was also the age old tradition of Trick or Treating. But this year, I am doing... absolutely nothing :( So to keep me happy on Halloween, let me know what you are doing and what costumes you are wearing, send me pictures if you want to!

On Wednesday I am off out for the night for a good friend of mines birthday, so let me know in the comments whether you would like to see outfits and make up etc.

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, speak to you soon!


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