Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hen night!?

Hi guys! So I thought I would take a little break from my normal schedule, today I am going tell you of my great weekend adventures!

So my sister is getting married, in one months time, so of course there is going to be a hen night right?

so my mum and my other sister arranged a function room in a pub and 17 of us ended up going to the evening all in all.

There was entertainment, food and silly games which I will talk you through in this post and hopefully give you some inspiration for either your hen party, or someone you know's hen party!

So we all met at my mum and dads house before we left so that everyone could have a bit of a chat and get dressed up, as bridesmaids we wore:

pink sashes which read "bridesmaid" with badges which varied from person to person, mine said "watch out hen party about" and the other said "warning girls on tour"

when we got to the venue we spent some time chatting and listening to music before we played Mr and Mrs.

Earlier in the week we asked my sisters fiance to come round, so we could video him answering some questions for the hen night, these included:

1. On your stag night would the bride-to-be prefer it if you went to a strip club or got arrested?
2. How many years have you and the bride-to-be been together
3. Would you prefer your son to grow up to be a ballet dancer or support the opposing football team?
4.Who is your ideal woman?
5. What job does your ideal woman do?
6. What irritates you the most about the bride-to-be?
7. What irritates the bride-to-be the most about you?
8. What do you love most about the bride-to-be?

we then saw if my sisters answer matched up with his when we asked her, she had to guess what his answer was, we then showed the clip of him answering the question.

Everyone had a bit of a giggle at it.

Then the entertainment turned up.

To start with we had a comedian, Adrian Doughty:

Who was absolutely hilarious and must have been the highlight of  my evening! I would recommend him to anyone looking for that kind of entertainment!

He had jokes, he improvised, he had a tough crowed, a few of the women heckled him, but he took it all in his stride, with witty comebacks for all of them, I will admit though, his act isn't great for a prude, if you're up for a laugh, he's great! 

There was then a stripper, as requested by my sister.

we then danced the night away, and drank cocktails!


I wore: 
black high heels from new look
 tartan skirt from select
a white lace top from new look over a black vest top from primark

My necklace, and first pair of earrings were from sainsburys, I also wore my piercing studs in my second earring hole, and my pandora heart ring.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and hopefully it may give some people inspiration for hen parties!

let me know in the comments what any hen parties you have been to have been like!

Speak soon!xx

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