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Hey there Guys!

So you may or may not know that Exam season is almost upon us! *Dramatic music plays*

And here in the UK these exams you take at sixteen years old affect your entire life as the grades you get now are recorded and you keep them forever, forcing you to have to choose what direction you want your life to take at such an early age.

These exams are also known as your GCSE's

I believe that this year is the last year that GCSE's are being taken and there is going to be some kind of reform as to the way that the grades work, yipee for me I am fortunate enough to take GCSE's.

In exactly one weeks time exam season begins and to be honest with you, it's blooming scary to think that in that amount of time I am going to take the exams which are the be all and end all of my profession later in life. So this post is going to tell you what I'm doing to prepare for these monstrosities.

1. Keep an eye on dates and times.

Personally I have two different ways of doing this I have a week by week calendar (made by me on my wall) and a personal day by day diary to do this:

My weekly calendar shows me when I have time to revise, when I have mock exams and then the end of the exams and my prom night!

In my day to day diary I write in all exams and times so I know which I need to revise for first, so for me the first exam I will be taking is on the 12th May and it's Religious Ed.

2. Kind of linking to the first point but keep a count down:

I personally like to keep a focus on my prom night as an incentive to work harder towards my exams.

3. Make note cards

I like to write out questions and answers on note cards to test my knowledge of certain subjects. I like to note the unit numbers and sub numbers to keep an eye on whether I have covered everything.

Keep them in order and relevant so in this case I kept all my unit 2.1 cards together.

Make note cards with key words and definitions, this definitely helped me when I took my ISA's a few months back.

4. Get hold of any resources you can.

Learning grids are great! they give you questions for you to answer in order of unit and relevance.

revision guides are even better as they contain information that you may have missed out on in your notes.

Make revision posters and put them on your walls! If you look at them every time you walk into your room then some information will be absorbed into your brain!

As far as english literature is concerned I would strongly suggest buying your own copies of the text and having a copy of every poem  that could come up on the exam. In my case I have studied "An Inspector Calls" and "Of Mice And Men" So I bought some revision guides specifically for these texts. When you go into an english literature exam they expect you to have read the texts at least three times so buying your own copy is a good idea rather than relying on school copies and class time.

5. Finally don't stress.

Get yourself something to eat while you revise

wear comfy clothes and fluffy socks

Good Luck to everyone taking their exams in a few weeks!

Let me know how you do!! Comment down below with any questions and anything else! I love hearing from you guys!

Speak soon!

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